Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heirloom Tomato Soup with Bacon and Blue Cheese

It was rainy all day today. My bones were cold but it smelled like mulchy leaves and made me want to hibernate and eat soup. Mmm. Tomato soup. With bacon and blue cheese. It still sounds delicious, even after consuming several bowls of it. Salty and rich and warm. Mmm. Maybe I'll make more tomorrow, as I am trying to utilize all those 20 lbs of heirlooms. 

5 or 6 heirloom tomatoes, cored
6' of leek, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
3 slices bacon
1/4 c chicken stock
handful crumbled blue cheese
1 tbs smoked sea salt
generous pinch black pepper

Made about four + cups

Fried the bacon in a cast iron pan. Thinly sliced the leek, fried it in the bacon fat. Removed bacon and leek to separate bowl, then tossed the cored tomatoes into the remaining fat. They simmered around for a while, their peels curling off (I picked a few out but didn't bother with it much).

Threw in an icy chunk of chicken stock I'd frozen from a previous soup into a big pot, on medium high heat, then the tomatoes and leeks in. 

They cooked into a brightly colored mush, for about 15 minutes, then I let it cool for a bit before food processing it. I didn't puree it, but left it a tiny bit chunky, though there were no discernible seeds or leeks or peels. 

Buttered toast with a bit of blackstrap molasses (I love sweet and savory), poured the soup in bowls and crumbled the bacon and blue cheese on top. 

It really hit the spot.


  1. hey whitney!
    it's liz... i just wanted to let you know that jonah and i are going to post a link to your blog on our blog that we're using for our trip:

    we'll be posting our jam recipes soon!
    take care and see you soon!

  2. awesome! good luck and have a gr8 time on your journey!

  3. You are cooking up a storm! Wow!